Fully Automatic SMT Stencil Printer












·  Precision Printing for 0.3mm fine pitch QFP

·  Built-in Overlay Pattern Vision Alignment Software

·  Flexible Mounting Table for Single & Double side PCB

·  High Accuracy & Repeatable Printing

·  Double Squeegee with dual stroke control

·  Windows 2000 Software

·  AT-align fully automatic fiducial finding and PCB board offset adjustment system ( for Model BS1400 )



Product Information


(AutoTronik) BS1400 is a very accurate automatic SMT stencil printer. With the powerful AT-align automatic fiducial finding and PCB board offset adjustment system, you can just press the start key, the PCB alignment and printing process will be fully automatic, which is very suitable for precision batch printing. The economic model BS1300 is semi-automatic, which is built in with dual camera system, the ultra-fine pitch printing for 0.3mm QFP IC is easy to obtain when using with OPVA software.

Overlay Pattern Vision Alignment (OPVA) Software
OPVA software is specially design for BS1300, the user can align the live image of the PCB to a computer generated overlay pattern. Any fiducial point or PCB pad can be selected as the reference for the overlay pattern, the shape and size of the overlay pattern is selectable, the center of the overlay pattern can be high accurately located by simple single step movement on the computer screen with the resolution of 0.0085mm per step. PCB can be aligned easily within a few seconds by user.

High Accuracy & Repeatable Printing
PCB is fixed on a flexible mounting table which is suitable for single side and double PCB. Adjustment of PCB position, movement of Mounting table and squeegee are all moving on precision linear guides to provide high accuracy & repeatable movement. Double squeegee with dual stroke control system provide efficient saving of solder paste during printing.

Control System
The main control of BS1300/BS1400 is by Pentium Computer with VGA monitor , the software is working under Windows 98 operating system, and it is a graphical user friendly software, easy and simple operation.


With OPVA Software for PCB alignment , users can align the PCB within few seconds

OPVA Software



The on-screen process status show the detail of operation by graphic, simple operation & user friendly.


AT-align powerful software can auto finding fiducial points and auto adjust PCB offset

AT-align Software




        Fully Automatic SMT Stencil Printer








Printing Speed :

2 -150mm/s(Servo control)

Table Up/Down Speed:

0.02 -4mm/s(Servo control)

Vision Alignment System

Semi-auto PCB alignment

Auto PCB alignment

Stencil Frame size: (External)

450mm X 450mm - 736mm X 736mm

Printing Area :

Max. 350mm X 350mm

400mm X 450mm(Option)

Board size :

Min. 20mm X 20mm

Max. 350mm X 350mm

400mm X 450mm(Option)

Cycle Time

15-25 sec./PCB

Board Thickness

0.2mm - 8mm

Underside Clearance

Max. 26mm

Printing Stroke

Max. 400 mm

Squeegee Pressure


Blade Type

standard Length 250mm

200mm - 450mm(Optional Length)

XY Adjustment


Radial Adjustment

+/-2 degree

Registration Repeatability


Support Tooling

Magnetic pin & Vacuum Block


2 sets of B/W CCD camera

Vision Alignment Resolution


Vision Fiducial

Standard Fiducial, any Pads IC foot pads

Control System

Pentium PC, Windows 2000 perform


110V or 240V.AC

Power Consumption

500 Watts

Air supply

75psi (5.5bar)

Machine Size

L X W X H(1300 X 900 X 1300)mm



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